After They'd All Left: Synth Jams - Give Pleasure

After They'd All Left: Synth Jams - Give Pleasure


Give Pleasure’s instrumental album released October of 2016.

"More a meditation than an album, this collection of almost entirely instrumental work was collected from studio sessions concurrent with the beginnings of Give Pleasure’s work for his self-titled 2017 release, Give Pleasure. Made entirely with analog synthesizers, a sampler, and an OP-1, the textures on this release are truly unique and are best listened-to on speakers. 

The album artwork is the result of a collaboration with one of Give Pleasure’s long time collaborators, Johnny Draper (illustrator) with the recording artist acting as designer. This album was released in celebration of Give Pleasure’s 22nd birthday."


  1. Spacepeople Grooves

  2. Phishing

  3. Showing Off at the Party

  4. Harder

  5. Fuzzy Carpet

  6. Coughing

  7. Everyone Is Doing The Same Move

  8. Little:Quiet

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