Let's Share Something - Vinyl

Let's Share Something - Vinyl


SHIPS 8/10/2018

First time ever on vinyl. Matte Laminate sleeve with a printed matte inner sleeve. New imagery and fine-tuned detail. The vinyl release of Let’s Share Something is more than sure to wow your dinner guests and families.

Free Dots Per Inch Music tote bag with purchase of the vinyl at the show on August 9th!


Let’s Share Something is Whitescarver’s debut record. It is a largely self-produced suite played-out on free software and is performed with a surefire, hard-core abrasiveness, a softer, synth-y palette, and a palpable will to be seen performing in space. The record tacks smoothly between laptop-microphone improvisations and glossy, studio perfection.

This collection of songs showcases a range of different worlds, each with their own sounds and sentiments, yet remains unified by a bold theatricality and a flare for house beats and fragmented R&B hooks. Let’s Share Something is a strange trip through love, loss, and isolation—all in under thirty minutes.

Album artwork by Ehm West.

Product photography by Sam Williams.


  1. Take It

  2. You Don’t Like It

  3. Parked Car

  4. Lilac Pt. 1

  5. Good Man

  6. Eyes Are Open

  7. Red

  8. Little Late

  9. Jimmy

  10. Lilac Pt. 2

  11. 11

  12. Cathedral

  13. Going

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