Give Pleasure - Give Pleasure

Give Pleasure - Give Pleasure


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This new LP, namely Give Pleasure, is a genre-hopping success in sewing together elements of post-rock, colagist sound, electro-pop, and studio gloss. Composed and produced over the course of 18 months, the record takes its listeners on a journey that explores the predicament of balancing aspirationally-pop compositions produced in a context lacking the larger fanbase, budget, and infrastructure typical of a "pop" release. It compellingly explores this irony of presenting work for consideration in a cannon that doesn't take demos. It is an album about inside/outside, about imaginaries and association, and about relationships unacknowledged/unnoted. 

The artwork was made by the artist/photographer Sam Youkilis.

Stand-out tracks include "Wear Your Heart on a Sleeve," "Diamond Cutter," and "The Sense of Humor."


  1. Pocket Knife (Time's Up!)

  2. Wear Your Heart on a Sleeve

  3. Parking Lot Polemics

  4. Diamond Cutter

  5. The Sense of Humor

  6. Where Would I Go? (Feat. Jack)

  7. Not Impossible / Damaged Goods

  8. Optimistic

  9. Laundry Eyes (Tell Me I'm So Good at It)

  10. With Feeling

  11. Holiday!

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