/ 1 / Baby 
/ 2 / Date 
/ 3 / Lists 
/ 4 / Wrong Energy 
/ 5 / Everyday 
/ 6 / Finding the Match After the Fire 
/ 7 / Tonight 
/ 8 / The Feeling 
/ 9 / I Didn't See 

"CD" is the long-play form of three Jack Whitescarver singles released by Dots Per Inch Music in April and May, 2019. This CD-exclusive release features the A and B sides of each of said singles, with three additional intercalary tracks that glue together the characteristically standalone records. 

The project is meant for car listening, an iterate medium for an outdated conception of portability, a conception that still has much relevance today but that is often swept under the rug. This is a kind of listening that Jack ponders often, and came up many times in conversation while these releases were being conceptualized in the summer and fall of 2018. 

This record, being three traditional pop releases glued together with sounds far more experimental and open ended (referencing the likes of Smerz, Arca, and Angelo Badalamenti), is a record that ties some of Jack's early experimentalism with the drastically more polished sounds of his 2019 digital releases. It is a package meant to live on the floor of a car, grabbed blindly while another playlist or CD nearly runs out, and thereafter serve as a comforting wash of pop & ambient bliss through ever-aging car speakers. "CD"is meant to age and complement one's surroundings in ways its digital cousins could never quite pull off.  


releases June 14, 2019 

All songs recorded by Jack Whitescarver in many different places on my Mac laptop, 2019. 

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, & 8 were mastered by Sarah Register, 2019. 

Tracks 3, 6, and 9, were "mastered" somehow. 

Thank you to Cyrus Duff, Scott Vander Veen, Sabrina Louise, Tom Moore, Grace Ives.