Tonight / The Feeling - Jack Whitescarver

Tonight / The Feeling - Jack Whitescarver


~This is a pre-order. “Tonight / The Feeling” will be available 5/23/2019.

~Downloads in ALAC format (Apple Lossless). For more options, please visit Jack’s Bandcamp.

Jack Whitescarver never actually studied music within an academic framework, instead graduating from Bard College having majored in studio arts. This background is inextricable from his persona as a performing artist. Vulnerability, theatricality, letting your “cool” go, all aspects that can be traced in his art, can equally be identified in his stage presence. One truly gets sense that his songs were meant to be performed. His campiness is authentic, raw, and genuinely enjoyable. 

His interest in pop stemmed from this proclivity for the dramatic, for narratives laced with tension condensed into a short snippets with the intention of being more accessible to a larger audience. But Whitescarver contends that it is only when you play with this tension in different ways, supplementing the narrative with layers of dissonance, tomfoolery, and willingness to explore outside of the existing bounds, only then will you hit “the sweet spot”.


  1. Tonight

  2. The Feeling