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Let's Share Something - CD

STORE: Will Ship 9/18/2017....

Jack's newest release, Let’s Share Something, is a largely self-produced soliloquy played-out on free software where Whitescarver performs with a surefire hard-core abrasiveness, a softer, synth-y palette, and a palpable will to be seen performing in space. Timbrally, the album tastefully tacks between laptop-microphone improvisations and glossy, studio perfection. Whitescarver also does not let you forget that he is more than a recording artist; he is a performer and visual artist whose music serves to tie his many projects together. This collection of songs showcases a range of different worlds, each with their own sounds and sentiments, yet remains unified by a bold theatricality and a flare for house beats and fragmented R&B hooks. Let’s Share Something is a strange trip through love, loss, and isolation—all in under thirty minutes.