Give Pleasure, formerly known as tesh, makes electronic music that features living percussion, synthesizers, vocals, guitars, and other, less straightforward sounds.

In the so-called 'real world,' Give Pleasure is Tom Moore, a producer of music, co-ordinator of various artists’ projects, and small-time label executive whose lifelong work seems to be taking shape this very moment. He resides in New York City where he sips wine and coffee among impressive ranks and charms plenty with his midwestern sensibilities.



About the new LP...

This new self-titled LP is a genre-hopping success in sewing together elements of post-rock, colagist sound, electro-pop, and studio gloss. Composed and produced over the course of 18 months, the record takes its listeners on a journey that explores the predicament of balancing aspirationally-pop compositions produced in a context lacking the larger fanbase, budget, and infrastructure typical of a "pop" release. It compellingly explores this irony of presenting work for consideration in a cannon that doesn't take demos. It is an album about inside/outside, about imaginaries and association, about relationships unacknowledged. 

photograph by Olivia Crumm

photograph by Olivia Crumm